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Class of 1961

Photos from 2017 MHS Party at Bothwell's

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55th Class Reunion - August 26 & 27, 2016

MHS Class of 1961

Front Row: Joyce Luedtke Richter, Pat Eich Essary, Vera Pavazzi Lobody, Pat Sieburg Perry, Joan Harlow Delor, Sylvia Monzulla Addison, Gale Philpott Lively.

Second Row: Ron Wilson, Terry Kendall Halberstadt, Jo Ann Beaty Ferguson, Andi Soyring Arntz, Betty Honeycutt Luciano, Juanita Perez Sonaty, Georgeann Lissey Puzas.

Third Row: Floyd Alexander, Tom Bothwell, Dan Demmon, Alan Jones, Ken DeVries, Barbara Johnston Potter.

Top Row: Dennis Lindborg, Ron Chaffin, Bernie Orelup, Rick Schmidt, Dick Cicenas, Jerry Renehan, Carl McFadden, Jim Twyman.

We had a great time at our 55th Class Reunion. The group picture is posted above. More pictures will be posted in the photo gallery.


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2013 class picnic at Tom & Cherryl Bothwell's on 9/15/2013 - Check out more pictures from the picnic on the photo album page.

Seated l-r: Tom Bothwell, Norma Anderson, Pat Eich Essary, Joyce Luedtke Richter, Fran Bascom.

First Row l-r: Cherryl Bothwell, Barb Sunyog Orelup, Jay Feasel, Leanne Franzen Feasel, Joann Beaty Ferguson, Joan Harlow DeLor, Pat Sieburg Perry, Terry Kendall Halberstadt, Ruth Devries, Sharon Berrier, Pat Alexander, Rick Schmidt, Alan Jones, Bud Groet(friend of Fran Bascom). 

Second Row l-r: Ron Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Ron Chaffin, Ruth Anderson, Shirley Bateman Sokol, Chuck Perry, Ken DeVries,  Dan Demmon, Bill Berrier, Floyd Alexander, Jerry Renehan, Ola Jones.   

Third Row l-r: Bob Ferguson, Roger Anderson, Dick Cicenas, Dick DeLor, Pete Ballesteros, Cheryl Demmon, Bernie Orelup, Laverne "Babe"Hein, Al Yelich.


Class of 1961 - 50th Class Reunion

Front row: Robbie Bothwell (teacher), Carol Thompson Walker, Deanna Chiado Nesbitt, Daralyne Fischer Normand, Janice Mako Maihofer, Sandra Herzog Jewell, Sylvia Monzulla Addison, Judy Hein Scheithauer, Carolee Kesler Nothstein, Joan Harlow DeLor, Vera Pavazzi Lobody, Shirley Bateman Sokol, Leah Garwood Beaman, Joyce Luedtke Richter, Gayle Beard Riley, Grace Bovard (teacher). 

Second Row: Tom Bothwell, Barbara Johnston Potter, Barbara Beck Gigous, Marilyn Morrow Watkins, Linda Monroe Angerman, Betty Honeycutt Wayte, JoAnn Beaty Ferguson, Frances Bascom, Gloriann Fletcher Smith, Faye Wolf Howell, Andrea Soyring Arndt, Pat Sieburg Perry, Juanita Perez Sonaty, Terry Kendall Halberstadt, Lafey Armontrout (teacher). 

Third Row: Jim Twyman, Rick Schmidt, Randy Majcher, Leanne Franzen Feasel, Alan Jones, Floyd Alexander, Diane Shotts Chapas, Alice Johnson, Marie Franko Stockwell, Betty Sukel Weisser, Barbara Cisarik Zimny, Jim Bovard (teacher). 

Fourth Row: Ron Chaffin, Bob Cicenas, Dennis Lindborg, Jeff Maihofer, Jerry Renehan, Bernie Orelup, Hal Kissinger, Dick Cicenas, Jim Polomchak, Dan Demmon. 

Fifth Row: Phil Gransinger, Dick Stiener, Ron Wilson, Wolf Bley, Jim Kujaca, Larry Foley, Max Hutchison (teacher), Don Patz (teacher).
MHS - Then (1983) and Now (2017)

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